A Time Line of events at

South Hills Junction

On this page I have attempted to show when physical changes took place at the Junction.  Where possible I've included references in the form of letters, blueprints, maps, or pictures.  Sometimes though all I have to go on is word-of-mouth, or common knowledge among rail fans.  Since my goal is to have this information as correct and complete as possible i am always open to corrections and additions. 

Year Event Reference
1903 April 6 Began Digging Pittsburgh Press April 15, 1958
1904 Dec. 4 First passengers carried through Tunnel. Pittsburgh Press April 15, 1958
1906 Administration Building constructed. Swartz and Dawson cost sheet
1906 Connected Rt 44-48 to Shops with backtrack to avoid returns through tunnel. Included crossover but not branch to each track. Letter in PTM files, not copied.  See derail plan below.
1908 Began using P&CSRR ROW through Overbrook. Press Releases
1910 Derails installed at south tunnel entrance, at the same time they raised watchman’s shanty Plans, bill, and instructions.   and Watchmans tower info.
19?? Added storage or team track to backtrack.  Added cutback tracks. No sure dates but there is a clue to the cutback track.
1912 P&CSRR stopped runnning. Folklure.  I don't have a reference.
1916 By this timeRoute 40 Mt. Washington was open.  There are still three windows on the South end of the Admin Building. Picture of Admin Building.
1925 Driveway from Warrington Ave. installed. Record of track changes and memo.
1927 Connected back track to Overbrook line. Memo and plans
1928 Double-tracked the bridge over Warrington Ave and removed spur that once connected to P&CS. Record of track changes.
1930 Installed loop around Administration building in conjunction with the closing of Castle Shannon car house. Memo and drawing.
1931 Removed crossover on Knoxville line. Memos.
1935 Cutback tracks still present School Photo
1937 Map shows two tracks to Knoxville and NO cutback tracks 1937 map from PTM
1952 Photo still shows two lead tracks from Knoxville. Ed Miller Photo
196x Outbound lead track had been removed Bill Volkmer Photo
195x After 1956 the area south of Admin Building paved over to allow busses to service the Junction. Bob Rathke and otherPhotos
1975 Paved the Tunnel to make a busway through the junction. Photo
1984 Demolished the Admin building to make room for Light Rail. Bob Schmidt Photo

Modifications to the Building

I only have photographs to show the changes to the Administration Building.  I am relying on photographers correct identification of dates.


Bulding constructed Swartz and Dawson cost sheet
   Third window replaced by door and security screen installed. Picture of Admin Building.
~1930 Northwest corner of porch cut at angle. I believe this was done when the loop was installed
after 1949 Door on south wall returned to window and security shield removed. East porch still not enclosed. Photo dated 1949
by 1956 Rear Porch enclosed. Bob Rathke photo
by 1956 Top roof overhang cut back. Bob Rathke photo
before 1964 Wind panels added to porch. Early PAT Photo
Before 1981 Building painted white with brown below belt rail just to make it look a little less appealing. Bob Schmidt Photo
June 1984 Building demolished. Bob Schmidt Photo

Things not done

Never I picked up some information on things that never were done, like a loop all the way around the building, double back tracks, and "Rapid Transit". All on one page.